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Website Development to Comprehensive IT Solutions

High-Performance, website development projects for any sector do not have to be complicated nor expensive. Total project cost-benefit analysis for IST-based comprehensive solutions confirms accelerated return on investment through IST’s streamlined, integrated and customized process and methodology



Websites, Digital Strategy and Marketing for America, Slovakia and the World.
IST provides Websites Development Packages ranging from Basic Landing/Call-to-Action Pages to Fully-Featured Website Systems that support End-to-End, Operational Integration, Enhanced SEO, Digital Marketing Campaigns and much more; all backed by the latest technology, trends and superiour cybersecurity.


Sector Categories:
Art, Design and Cultural Awareness, Blogs, News, Informational and Announcements, Business, Organization and Associations, Collaborative Inter-Organizational, Community and Non-Profit, Business and Economic Development, Education, Entrepreneurial, Events, Fundraisers and Capital Raises, Fashion and Beauty, Food and Beverage, Health and Fitness, Hospitality and Travel, Medical, Online Store and Products, Philanthropic, Services, Simple Landing/Call-to-Action, Technology

Types of websites and programs:
-Landing/Call-to-Action Pages
-Business/Organization Websites
-E-commerce/E-shop Webstores
-Complex Corporate Website Systems
-IST Micro-systems Online Marketing Programs
– IST-LSG Sustainable Development System Programs
– Preferred Strategic Partnership Programs


Efficient, Effective & Expeditious

IST ensures Quality and Innovation that is Customized and Designed to Your Specifications and Your Business, as seen through Your Eyes to Increase Your Profit and Client-base, Enhance Interoperability, as well as, Facilitating Customer Growth and Retention.

Web-Based Solutions that Convey Your Vision & Goals with Productive, Cost-Effective and Client-Generating Success!

Optimize Forward with IST.

Responsive, Interactive, Optimized, Feature-rich, Intuitive, UX, UI, Business & Socially Integrated and User-friendly. Proactive, creative and innovative… IST-LSG, as a website should be. That’s your website.  That’s our company.  IST-LSG.

IST-LSG:  Your Authority for Digital Marketing, Strategy & Management